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released April 20, 2012

recorded by Seth Densham, March 2012



all rights reserved


SCRAPER San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Lick Me
take you to the movies
take you out to dinner
take you where i want to
that's just what we're gunna do

I'll be something that you've never seen
eyes are shifting and im turning green
heart is beating telling you to go
but I'll be laughing at your shitty jokes

lick me don't love me

I don't want to listen anymore
my head is full of thoughts but I'm so bored
speak to me and i don't hear a word
I'll be downstairs working on my wire

lick me don't love me

face is falling down but it's cool
all I really can do is drool
I'm only happy when I'm on the floor
and you don't even look at me no more
Track Name: Third Wheel
I'm your human nightmare
to me its just a dream
batteries charged criminals at large
if i have to I'll be clean
kick and shove and bite
I do it all night
and I'll do anything to make you laugh
and if you leave me leave me here right now

Sweep me under the rug
show me some true love
you're all dressed up and i look like this
can you find me in the dirt
kick me in the face
i am human waste
and i can't change the way i feel
I'm gunna feel like this all day all day

I've got no control
and you left me with this hole
I cannot mend and i wont pretend
it's gunna be like this all night
now you're gunna go
don't leave me at this show
there is no way i can relate
and i hope I'll be ok ok

Truth and fiction are the same
my life is just a game
reality means nothing to me
and i can't stand to grow up
hold me to the flame
if i burn it's all the same
tie me down don't mess around
you know i need to be restrained restrained
Track Name: Liquid Lips
Bite all the hands you know that won't feed you
leave you alone I know I need to
you're nice when you need something you fake it
grab anything that you want take it

Smoke cigarettes in the sun I hate it
nothing you can do to change it
now you say its ok its ok
your pupils dilate you're faded

liquid lips and acid tongue
cigarette smoke in your lungs
a twisted mind can move so fast
until you get stuck in the past

and I'm waiting for you
and I'm gunna die with you
Track Name: (Surfin') Sidewalk
Surfin down the sidewalk watching all the girls walk
keep an eye on curbs slanted walls anything that will slide
but the girls are looking good lets go to the park
now you've got a buzz and your ready ready to smash

Surfin, Sidewalk
Sidewalk Surfin,

Skating at the DMV you blend in with the bums and the trash
looking all around looking all around no sign of the cops
all you need's a beer a parking lot and a couple of friends
we got the right of way don't look at the stop lights

Surfin' Sidewalk
Sidewalk Surfin'